Not getting e-mail on your device for some time? Your password may need to be reset or re-entered.

If this is the case, you will need the password for your email account so you can re-enter it in the settings. Without this, you may have to go to your email provider and re-set or recover the password to get to your email account.

Once you have located your email account password you are going to turn on your iPad.

Now look for the settings icon. I looks like a set of gears.

It won’t be this big and it may not have the word settings under it. It may also have a number in a small circle on the upper right side of the icon. That is an indication that you have “x” number of things that may need your attention in settings.

Now you should be in the settings screen that looks something like the image below.

On the settings side of the screen, scroll down to find the Mail setting. Tap on Mail.

Now on the right hand side of the screen is the Mail settings screen.

Look for something like the word “Accounts” or if you see your email address. Tap on it to open that section.

Now look for a list of accounts. If you have only one account the list wil be real short. It may say “Hotmail” or Gmail or Outlook or something like that. Tap on it to open the settings for that account.

Look for the words Re-enter Password or something like that. Tap on this and then continue to enter the re-enter your password process.

If this process is not working for you an other option is to use a browser on your iPad to go to your email provider and log in via their website portal.

Also you could try and download your e-mail providers iPad app. This will be an app for Outlook, Gmail etc. Once it is downloaded to your Ipad just open that particular application to setup access to you e-mail.

Below is a screen shot of the App Store Preview of the Microsoft Outlook email app

Link to Outlook App:

By J Patterson Dec 30th 2020